Spray Foam Parts Training Program

Toronto Spray Foam Parts offers several training programs by certified trainers and installers whose long experience will help you to improve your workmanship, to provide high standard services and to be eligible to undertake any type of project spray foam project. The training center is conveniently located in North York, so you can easily follow up the training and accomplish them successfully.

  • Moreover Toronto spray foam parts provide thorough equipment and foam installation training course with the purchase of any spray foam equipment or material.
  • Wide based or specific equipment training for chemical manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Full hands on and in classroom theory training.
  • On-site continuous training available at your site with your equipment.

Certified Mechanic Training Program

The Toronto Spray Foam Parts Certified Mechanic Training program provides a basic orientation to the polyurethane and polyurea chemistry and the function of the equipment and its components. Attendees are introduced to the polyurethane and polyurea chemical process, what substrates are suitable for spray foam or polyurea application, correct spray patterns and field techniques to evaluate the quality of the foam or polyurea being produced.

The program includes demonstrations by the instructors and spraying by the participants. A detailed exploration of each machine and its components are the main focus of the training. Preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting for machines, guns, hoses and transfer pumps are thoroughly examined. The school’s emphasis is hands-on training and class participation. Each class comprises small groups to ensure personalized attention. After the classroom presentation and hands-on training, the participants are required to deal with problems demonstrated on an actual working unit. Attendees are evaluated on their ability to relate to the nature of the problems and their specific causes and remedies.

Treated Problems

  • An overview of material chemistry, the chemical process and how it relates to the equipment components.
  • Basic Safety items such as respiratory and fall protection.
  • A detailed breakdown and explanation of proportioner, gun, hose and transfer pump components.
  • A thorough study of preventive maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures. (Equipment and Rigs)
  • Proper start-up and shut-down procedures are demonstrated on a working unit.
  • Instruction on suitable substrates, proper spray pattern adjustment and field techniques used to evaluate the quality of product being applied.
  • Demonstrations are performed in our Learning Center, with the demonstration trailer and our in-house spray booth.

Who Should Attend?

The Toronto Spray Foam Parts Training Program is designed to provide entry to mid-level training and troubleshooting on the equipment used for/in the polyurethane and polyurea industry.

    • All contractors new to using spray foam equipment.
    • All Tech Service professionals using spray foam equipment.
    • Whoever that may perform equipment recommendations and lite troubleshooting.
    • People who need a refresher course.

Our Spray Foam Parts Training includes

    • Hands-on and in-house training.
    • Professional training from skillful and experienced instructors with many years of experience in the industry.
    • Ongoing curriculum update by targeting directly to Canadian SPF Installers.
    • Action-oriented practice to simulate exterior and interior applications.
    • Simulated conditions for trouble shooting equipment failures and environmental requirements.
    • Training in the Canadian Building Code references for SPF and the CAN/ULC Standards applicable.
    • Class size is small for optimized learning conditions.

Spray Foam Parts Training Certification

Our training program provides the necessary in-class and practical application training, including the health and safety aspects, needed to work in commercial and residential construction. Our training program provides the participants with the certifications that are required to spray foam in Canada.
The goal of our programs is to give the skills required to be a professional and productive installer. Each individual will be given the attention they need from the different instructors with a variety of expertise on equipment, building science, building codes, applications and much more.

The National Building Code of Canada references the installation standard CAN/ULC S705.2 for medium density spray polyurethane foam as well as CAN/ULC S712.2 for light density spray polyurethane foam products, which requires that polyurethane foam sprayers be certified in order to apply the products. If you are new to the spray foam industry you must take the certification/training course and meet all of the requirements of the CAN/ULC S705.2 and CAN/ULC S712.1 standards.

Here, Toronto Spray Foam Parts course covers the CAN/ULC Standards, Building Codes, Health & Safety, Equipment Selection, Storage & Maintenance, Material Selection, Job-site Preparation, Site Testing Process, Quality Control and more. Each participant also spends time learning proper spray techniques for applying spray foam insulation, completes a spray evaluation, density test evaluation and equipment evaluation. Upon successful completion attendees will receive an applicator card and be licensed to spray foam in Canada.