Closed-Cell Insulation

At Toronto Spray foam Parts you will find closed-cell spray foam insulation is an air barrier, water-resistive and a vapor barrier. Closed-cell can be installed anywhere and the Demilec product range provides outstanding, high performance options for commercial, residential and agricultural projects. Soil stabilization and pour-in-place products are available, to help provide a comprehensive, versatile choice of solutions.

Heatlok HFO Pro
A continuous insulation solution with an ultra-low global warming potential blowing agent.
• R-value of 7.4 at 1 inch
• Tested and certified air, thermal, water and vapour barrier
• Superior adhesion and compressive strength
• Miami-Dade County Florida NOA 19-0904.06 - Expires 12/26/2024

Heatlok HFO High Lift
Ultra-low global warming potential with the ability to meet R-49 value easily. Easy spraying, high quality and greater yield, resulting in reduced labor and job costs.
• R-value of 7.5 with a 6.9” lift to achieve an R-49 in one step
• Leverages Honeywell’s Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent technology
• Meets the requirements for schools and healthcare facilities

Heatlok Eco
A reliable, costs effective foam to meeting building code requirements. Can be applied throughout the year in varying temperatures and climates.
• R-value at 21 at 3.1 inches
• Meets minimum code requirements
• Can spray 2” + 2” or 3.25” lifts

Heatlok XT High Lift
A versatile spray foam with up to 4 inch thickness. Thermal resistance, air barrier and a recognized vapor retarder.
Made of 20% recycled or renewable components
• 0-5 flame spread based on ASTM E-84
• Suitable for commercial and residential construction

Heatlok XT High Yield
Create a specialized building envelope perfect for commercial and residential construction, with excellent thermal resistance and air barriers.
• Made of 20% recycled or renewable components
• 0-5 flame spread based on ASTM E-84
• Suitable for commercial and residential construction

Heatlok High Temp
A two component spray-foam insulation specially formulated to perform in extremely high temperatures.
• Performs in temperatures up to 250°F
• Created with recycled & renewable materials
• Zero ozone depleting chemicals

Heatlok Air Barrier System
Designed to improve adhesion and sealant of Heatlok products for effective moisture and vapor resistance.
• Suitable for construction and masonry
• Works in hot, cold, wet & dry climates
• Strong adhesive capabilities

High Density SPF
An impressively strong, high density foam which meets high environmental standards.
• Strength of 40psi
• Contain zero ozone depleting chemicals
• Meets potential requirements of Montreal Protocol

Open-Cell Insulation

Usually less expensive than closed cell insulation, open-cell delivers a superior air barrier and is often used to insulate interior walls to minimize outdoor noise intrusion. Demilec open-cell spray foam insulation has been developed through innovative formulas and long experience: its many advantages include a revolutionary fire-safety option. Not recommended for outdoor applications.

Sealection 500
An environmentally-conscious product containing no ozone-depleting chemicals, gases, fibers or asbestos.
• Cuts heating and cooling costs by up to 50%*
• Dramatically increases energy efficiency for residential and commercial property owners
• Easy to install and finish

Sealection NM is simple to use and ready to spray, so you can work as efficiently as possible.
• Faster job set-up and improved efficiency
• Doesn't decompose or deteriorate
• Ready to spray

Demilec APX 1.2
Engineered for maximum fire protection. Suitable for attics and crawl spaces, this open-cell insulation stops fires from spreading. A new standard for fire safety.
• R-value of 3.7 at 1 inch
• AC377 Appendix X compliant
• Complies with the stringent fire test requirements of the International Building Code

Demilec APX 2.0
Designed for faster attic and crawl space installation, resulting in less labor time. Seals in one application with no need for additional ignition barriers.
• Meets AC377 Appendix X requirements
• Massively reduces labor time
• Insulates, locking out noise and pollutants

Created with renewable oils for an innovative open-cell spray foam insulation. Keep moisture, pollutants and allergens out and help keep energy costs down.
• R-value of 4.45 at 1 inch
• 20% renewable oils
• Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals


Toronto spray foam Parts also offers two product lines of coatings, all known for their durability, resilience and versatility, as well as their impact-resistant high performance. Our elastomeric polyuria coatings satisfy multiple purposes, from truck bed liners to bridge coatings. Our intumescents are non-toxic fire protective coatings approved for safeguarding Demilec spray foam insulation.

Intumescent Coatings
Non-flammable coatings compatible with a number of Demilec spray-foam insulations. 100% non-toxic coating which meets NFPA 286 testing.
• Meets LEED, AQMD, and EPA VOC requirements
• Non-toxic, drain safe and non-fuming
• Works with Demilec APX, Sealection 500, Agribalance, and Heatlok Soy

Maxguard range of elastomeric polyurea coatings bring real versatility to your application – with durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.
• No volatile organic compounds
• Suitable on a variety of surface types
• UV Stability

Other Foam Solutions

Lasta but not least here at Toronto Spray foam Service you can find Demilec’s spray foam insulation which is designed to solve the problems traditional insulation methods cannot. From protected livestock in agricultural environments; effortlessly lifting sunken concrete; or protecting and stabilizing sites in areas of rock fall. The diverse range of outstanding products are the sustainable and high performance option for residential and commercial projects.

Sealection® Pour-In-Place
The perfect solution for insulating existing wall structures. A slow rising spray-foam which makes building improvements easily, without causing damage.
• R-value of 3.43 at 1 inch
• Suitable for existing structures
• Easily applied to internal and external walls

Eco-Pur Pour-In-Place
Specially formulated for pour-in-place and high or low pressure applications. A polyurethane foam with zero ozone depleting chemicals.
• R-value of 6.5 at 1 inch
• Uses Enovate™ 3000 blowing agent
• Meets US Coast Guard specification

The easy and fast solution to remove sunken concrete from patios or driveways. Suitable for residential and commercial areas.
• Saves time and cuts costs
• Replaces the demolition process
• Made from recycled and renewable content

A safe, efficient option for areas with rock-fall issues. Protect and stabilize sites during construction with low-exothermic spray-foam.
• R-value of 7.36 at 1 inch
• Low exothermic spray foam
• Can hold pipelines in place during construction

Designed for an agriculture environments. Insulation to protect livestock and produce, with air-sealing solutions and reliable performance.
• R-value of 7.15 at 1 inch
• 6-pound density foam
• Can increase livestock production