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Toronto Spray Foam Parts provides custom-built rigs, premium Graco/PMC proportioners, generators, heated hoses, and essential features like Tool Boxes and Air Panels. Trust our expertise for turnkey solutions tailored to your needs.

Spray Foam Equipment and Accessories

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Your one-stop destination for all things related to spray foam equipment and accessories. Whether you’re looking for high-quality tools, hoses, insulation products, or specialized parts, we have everything a spray foam contractor needs.

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Spray Foam Industry Services

Equipment & Maintenance

Expert services and maintenance to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance.

Equipment Rentals

Flexible rental options for equipment and trucks to handle your increased job demands.

Insulation Products

A wide range of high-quality insulation products to meet all your spray foam project needs.

Rig Building

Custom-built rigs tailored to your budget and specifications for optimal performance.


Secure warehousing and parking for your spray foam trucks, materials, and equipment.


Comprehensive training programs by certified professionals to enhance your team's skills.

Spray Foam Rig Building

TSP Does Rig Building Differently

Toronto Spray Foam Parts is your guarantee to your success story. Our Rig Building department is specialized and experienced to build your ideal spray foam rig based on your budget.

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Toronto Spray Foam Parts

Our services are provided timely within your budget and we always provide an estimate before we proceed to the service. We guarantee high-level workmanship and we treat your equipment with care and responsibility.

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Our portfolio showcases state-of-the-art spray foam rigs built for efficiency and durability. Each project highlights our commitment to client satisfaction. We deliver custom solutions that meet your specific needs.


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Toronto Spray Foam Parts offer spray foam equipment maintenance services, renting, staff training in Toronto and areas around. Our services are provided within your budget with estimates beforehand.

What We Do

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The One-Stop-Shop Service experience is something unique that helps you find anything related to the spray foam industry. Spray foam material, spray foam parts, rig built, or even to find a specific solution.

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What Our Clients Say


Kushtrim S.

"Toronto Sprayfoam Parts - TSP offers reliable equipment and excellent service. Highly recommended."

Arber E.

"The crew was fantastic. It was a pleasure to work with them. They got straight to work and finished ahead of schedule."

Neil L.

"Can't begin to say enough about Enri and his team. It isn't often, you find a company that has passion and empathy for our industry that need a leg up and want to help make this industry better. Never, does this company make you feel stupid for making mistakes new Insulation companies often make. Toronto Spray Foam Parts takes the time to walk you through the issue and show you how to troubleshoot and solve the problem on your own the next time. I wouldn't consider taking my rig for service anywhere else. Enri has a customer for life."

Arber D.

"Toronto Spray Foam Parts consistently delivers excellence. Their products are top-notch, offering durability and precision for flawless insulation projects. With a wide range of options, they cater to every need, whether residential or commercial. Their customer service is exceptional, providing knowledgeable assistance and prompt delivery. For hassle-free, high-quality spray foam parts, Toronto Spray Foam Parts is the go-to choice. Highly recommended! "

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Rig Building department specializes in creating custom spray foam rigs tailored to your unique needs and budget, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We offer comprehensive training programs conducted by certified professionals. These programs cover everything from basic operations to advanced techniques, ensuring your team is skilled and efficient.

Yes, our expert technicians provide maintenance services for a wide variety of spray foam equipment, ensuring your machines operate at peak performance and reducing downtime.

We stock a diverse range of high-quality insulation products, including spray foam materials and accessories, to meet all your project needs.